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Update - May 10th, 2019 10 May 2019

Happy new release day to the Get Up Kids! Their new LP "Problems" comes out today via Polyvinyl. You can order the Light Blue vinyl directly from the band or the Starburst variant via Polyvinyl.

Make sure to check them out on their European tour happening now and their upcoming US tour. Tour dates can be found here.

Matt Pryor performed an acoustic version of the song “Brakelines” on the 7″ we put out in 2016. The new LP is awesome, and it's amazing to hear this song in it's final form. This label is truly honored that our release featured two future Get Up Kids songs, especially because the song "Overdue" is our namesake. I personally apologize for spelling song name wrong (the 7" lists it as Brake Lines), so let's call it a mulligan. "My Own Reflection", also from the 7", came out on the Kicker EP last year.

In label news, we're proud to announce that 7" has raised $316 ($158 each) for RAINN and East Los Angeles Women's Center. That amount was donated in December of last year. We can't recommend these organizations highly enough, particularly in this difficult of period time. If you have funds to spare, we hope you consider them for donations.

Still no new releases on the docket, but the store is open. Orders will be shipping at their usual pace, and we hope to press some new records in the future. Sorry that I don't have any more specifics. Either way, I'm just glad that the Get Up Kids are more active than the label has been recently. Our first record came out when their last one did, so it's been a long time coming!