Overdue Collection Agency

24 hours left for the Test Press Solidarity Raffle 15 Jun 2020

Raffle Update: Finally mailed out all prizes! We raised $1425 total for http://communitybailfunds.com. Overdue covered the processing fees of our e-commerce store / payment providers to maximize the contribution. Thank you all for contributing!

Special thanks to Gatsbys American Dream, Gates and Matt Pryor for the amazing music that drove contributions.

Wanted to let everyone know you've got 24 hours left to purchase a raffle ticket or tell your friends. Send 'em to overduecollection.com, it'll be the first thing they see on the page. All funds will be going to communitybailfunds.com

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased a raffle ticket so far! We'll be announcing and notifying winners on Tuesday.

Stay safe out there, especially if you're protesting, and wear a mask!