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Don't use Uline if you care about queer and BIPOC 24 Jun 2020

If you do any kind of mail order, and want to support queer and BIPOC, please stop using Uline.

As pride month comes to an end, let's acknowledge it's beginnings as riot with heavy involvement from trans Black and Latina women. But what are some actions you can take?

In 2014, Oni Press made a pledge to stop using Uline as a source for shipping supplies because of Uline's owners support for Family-PAC, an anti-gay political action committee in Chicago. After hearing about this, I decided to stop using Uline for any mail order supplies. I had the power to make that change, so I did.

If this is the first you're hearing of Uline's politics, welcome into the fray. Uline's owners are also large supporters of Trump and conservative politicians. During the 2018 election cycle, they gave $38 million to conservative PACs and candidates, including supporting the campaign to elect Roy Moore.

When I order stuff, occasionally I see a Uline mailer when it arrives. It's disappointing when there are so many great alternatives out there. If you run mail order at your label, publisher, wherever, you can easily find new suppliers. If you have the power to choose your suppliers, I'm implore you to do so.

I've primarily used Bags Unlimited and more recently Whiplash mailers (though they were significantly cheaper when I ordered 6 weeks ago.) I utilize kraft paper tape to reduce my use of plastic, and that can be purchased at most shipping supply companies.

Burlesque of North America made an extensive list of shipping suppliers in 2017 that you can find here. However difficult your shipping need is, you don't need to turn to Uline to solve it. Even your local box store would probably be able to help.