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Gatsbys tickets selling fast + Bandcamp Friday Update 03 Feb 2023

Gatsbys Tickets going fast!

The tickets for the Gatsbys reunion show in LA are not gonna last and it's uncertain if there's any further show plans at the moment. Most of the guys have day jobs and families, so touring is probably not in the cards. This might be it! So if you're anywhere close to LA on April 28th, make the trek!

Happy Bandcamp Friday!

If you didn't know, Gatsbys first two LPs and the EP are up on Bandcamp. We got these up back in September, but we've only mentioned it on our socials.

If you've ordered records via our regular webstore anytime since September, send me your receipt and I'll send you free Bandcamp download codes for your purchases. Then you can have them in your Bandcamp library too! If that's you're thing.

New Always Tired EP!

While you're over there on Bandcamp, if you're into sludgy emo shoegaze, you might want to check out a band we're working with called Always Tired! They're from Fayetteville, Arkansas and we've released a new EP Three Songs just in time for Bandcamp Friday (embedded above). It's also available on streaming pretty much everywhere.

After releasing a lone single last year, they've become mainstays of their local scene, opening for the likes of Titus Andronicus and Cloarkroom.

Alright, that's it for a while. Unless there's more Gatsbys shows, we won't bug you!